Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Black to Burgundy Red Balayage Hair!

Hi all! It's exam time again which means I'm tired, stressed and generally not putting any effort into my appearance. A typical day involves my onesie, greasy hair in a 'study' bun, glasses and lots of tea. It's not pretty. Thankfully I was forced to use my Scoopon for Hair Halo because it was going to expire, and believe me, my hair (and my self esteem) needed it! Unfortunately the Scoopon is no longer available because I waited around 3 months after purchasing it to actually book an appointment. Sorry!

This was my hair before stepping into Hair Halo. I hadn't done anything to it for 8 months, except for hacking away my split ends with paper scissors. I had a full 4 inches of black regrowth and my dyed hair was hollow looking and a rather fetching shade of orange- brown.

My Scoopon was $80 for a cut, foils/balayage, treatment and style- a pretty amazing deal if you ask me. That's literally less than half the price of what some salons charge! There are numerous Scoopons for hair salons going at all times so I highly suggest having a look because anything to do with hair is expensive!

Hair Halo was a very clean, small salon that smelt nice. I haven't been sleeping well lately so I was incredibly tired when I went for my appointment. The owner was a nice down to earth lady who was exceptionally skilled with my hair. I asked for a burgundy red belayage and for my black roots to be lightened a smidge. I also wanted my one length hair evened out from my self cutting and some layers around my face. 

2 and a half hours later, this was the result! I am so happy with the colour transition from the roots to tips- it's the most even and gradual balayage I have ever had. I also love how bright the burgundy turned out!

Can you tell how tired I am?

Outdoor light.

I love it! It's the brightest colour I've ever had. Thank you Hair Halo for doing such an amazing job livening up my dry, brittle hair. I am so jealous of the girls who have hair sponsors- having my hair done just made me feel 10 times better!

Do you guys like it? Or do you think it's too bright?

Saturday, 19 July 2014

AOA Short Hair Hyejeong Inspired Makeup Look

Hi everyone! I don't follow Kpop that regularly, but I saw AOA's Short Hair MV (Go watch! It's adorable) last week and immediately wanted to recreate some of their make up looks. I loved their bold makeup and wanted to recreate the boldest look of them all- Hyejeong! No point recreating a 'natural' makeup look, in my opinion ^^. 

I took some screen shots of her makeup for reference. The reason why I called this an 'inspired' look is because I didn't end up looking quite like her due to lighting differences and slight makeup variation. 

I love that you can only see a little bit of her eyelid makeup when she is looking up, but when she looks down, her bright red and pink eyeshadow pops! I also love the bottom eyelash detail that many of the other members were sporting as well. 

Here is my recreation:

1. Blend a light pink eyeshadow all over your lid slightly over the crease.
2. Pat a red eyeshadow on the inner 1/3 of your lid. Not many people have as bright a red as what Hyejeong wore in the MV, me included, so I used Stylenanda's 3CE Burgundy eyeshadow in #Saturn.
3. Line your eyes with a thick line of black liner and wing it only 2mm past your upper lash line.
4. Curl and apply lots of mascara to your eyelashes and apply a wispy pair of natural false eyelashes. 

Contacts are Freshkon Colorblends in Grey
5. Apply a natural matte brown eyeshadow to your lower lash line for slight definition.
6. Take your single lower lashes and glue 4 bunches a few mm below your actual lower lash line for the illusion of bigger eyes. *I actually painstakingly trimmed my clusters in the middle to make them shorter and look more like Hyejeong's. 
7. Draw a straight line over the 'root' of the bottom falsies so you end up with a 'dashed' line, just like Hyejeong's.

Gluing the bottom eyelashes on was definitely the most time consuming part of the process! I don't know how some girls do this every day. It almost took all of my patience!

Finish off with a peachy pink lipstick, a touch of rosy blush and highligher along your cheekbones and nose bridge. 

Please let me know if you would like me to post all the products I used!

I hope you enjoyed this guide! 

PS. Yesterday I ordered a ring light from Ebay so hopefully there will be more even lighting in future blog posts. Fingers crossed shipping is fast!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Blush Review

I was sent a box of Physicians Formula products a while ago and I decided to give them all away (join the first giveaway here!) except for 2 products which I am going to review. The first is the pH Matchmaker pH Powered Blush.

The blush only comes in one shade, 'Natural' because the idea is that the blush automatically adjusts to any skin tone. Interesting eh?

  • Makeup Powered by You!
  • 1st Ever Blush with pH Power Complex transforms into your perfectly personalized hue.
  • Fluorescein Based Dye-senses the pH level of your skin & adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect blushing glow.
  • Photochronic Powders-light adjusting pigments adapt to your environment so color looks the same indoors & outside.
  • Look your Best in Every Light!
  • Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist approved. 

  • I'm not sure about the whole 'adjusting to your skin tone' idea, but the blush actually suits my skin tone very well. Photo evidence ahead! 

    The packaging is black and pink and looks very chic! The pink circles remind me of dressing room mirrors backstage at a burlesque show. 

    As with the other PF products I've reviewed, the compact is quite chunky because it has a bottom container which holds a brush. Again, I'd prefer for the compact to be slimmer and not include a brush because I never use them! 

    Inside there is a generous mirror. Note the light switch on the right side? When you switch this on, bright lights come on either side of the mirror. When I say bright, I mean bright! I switched this on for the first time in the day and my eyes started watering as I tried to apply my blush using the mirror. Perhaps this would come in handy if you want to touch up your blush (I personally never do) at an event where there is err... No light I suppose. Personally, I think this feature is unnecessary. Tell me- do you touch up your blush?

    As you can see, the bulk of the compact comes from the brush container! The blush pan itself is very shallow in comparison. Again, I wish they would ditch the brush!

    No matter how or where I photographed the blush, I couldn't capture how vibrant the colour is! I would describe it as a slightly cool toned hot pink. It looks washed out in every photo and the colour you see on the website (included below) is a lot more accurate. I apologise for this- I have yet to come up with a way to photograph blush colours more accurately!

    The blush came with white shimmery glitter pearls around the outside, which rub away very easily. What you see above is the result of a week's worth of use. 

    The blush itself is extremely pigmented and powdery. It kicks up a lot of powder when you use a brush and transfers from the pan to your tool VERY easily. I touched, not rubbed, two fingers to the blush and this is how much product transferred to my fingers! 

    Due to the texture, it is very easy to go overboard with this product just as I did on my first use. That being said, the blush is surprisingly easy to work with once you get used to it. Just touch your brush to the pan, make sure to tap off the excess and the result is beautiful! 

    This is how much product the brush picks up when I press it once into the pan.

    Because the blush was so pigmented, I was worried that it would look patchy on my cheeks, a problem I've experienced with some highly pigmented blushes I've tried before. I was wrong! It blends really well providing an even wash of colour and a rosy silky smooth finish with some shimmer. I like to pat it on my cheek bones and then blend it out with a circular motion. It gives me that rosy-cheeked glow similar to how my face blushes when I'm out in the cold, but a touch brighter. It looks surprisingly natural.

    This photo was taken with diffused window light.

    This one was taken with more direct sunlight.

    I think this blush would match most skin tones, depending on the amount you use. At the moment, I have pale Winter skin so I only need a touch of this colour, otherwise it would be overwhelming. Generally, I don't like my blushes too pigmented but I have to make an exception for this one- I absolutely love the result and have been quite obsessed with it!

    It's my favourite blush at the moment, despite the bulky packaging and unnecessary features. I would be very interested to see how it looks on different skin tones! 

    You can buy the pH Matchmaker Blush from Priceline for $21.95, which is fairly standard for Australia. I think it's worth it!

    Favorite Ipad Apps of 2014- Study and Games!

    I can't live without my iPad. I have grown so dependent on this nifty piece of technology that I decide to show you guys some of my favourite apps for study and play. I chose the programs on this list because a) I have used them for more than 6 months or b) they made a lasting impression on me.

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    Monday, 14 July 2014

    The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream Review

    When I first received this from the Body Shop, I knew I was going to like it. Coconuts? Cream? Right up my alley! 

    "A rich and creamy body wash with Community Trade organic, pure cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. Lathers up to leave skin feeling clean, soft and deliciously fragranced with the tropical scent of coconut.

      Tropical coconut scent".

    The shower cream comes in a simple plastic container which is actually quite stiff making it a bit harder (for my weak hands) to squeeze out the product. I love that you can see all the creamy coconut goodness inside! 

    The cream smells richly of coconut and I absolutely love coconut scented anything. When I went on a holiday to Thailand I drank a coconut every day, sometimes multiple, without fail- that's how much I love it! It's rich but still slightly runny which allows it to glide over your skin easily. It contains coconut oil, but the texture is not oily, just creamy and washes off easily. I'm not sure whether I received a different batch to the one advertised on the site, but mine does not lather at all, not even when used with a loofah. I personally don't mind this because it feels more moisturising on my skin, but it's quite misleading when products do the opposite of their claims!

    I like to apply the cream after I put on my hair conditioner which allows it to sit on my skin for a few minutes, allowing my dry skin to drink it in. This also allows me to indulge in the scent which sadly disappears after I wash it off.  

    Apologies for the lighting difference- the sun couldn't make up his mind!

    The cream is actually not as moisturising as I was hoping it would be and I would describe it is as a 7/10 hydrating level. That being said, it provides heaps more moisture than the Strawberry Body Polish, plus has a coconut scent so I do prefer this one! 

    Bottom line: if you like coconuts and creamy, non-lather formulas, try this one out! It costs $12.95 at any Body Shop- find it online here.

    *I received this product for free for review purposes. All my opinions are 100% honest.
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    Saturday, 12 July 2014

    Hands On India Foundation 2014. Giving Back on my Third Volunteer Trip, Can You Help Us Help Them?

    Hi all, 

    If you've been a follower of my Blog from the start you'll know that I went on a volunteer trip to Nepal last year. Our small team of 14 young people from WA raised around $28 000 to renovate and build a school for the most impoverished children in Nepal. We worked with the locals to provide what was necessary for the community. Click here to read my posts on the work we did at the school. That was my second volunteer trip. With the recent coining of the term 'voluntourism' (Google it!) you really do need to be careful about choosing your volunteer trips. 

    This year I am going on my third volunteering mission, this time with Hands on India. Hands on India is a nationally recognised program supported throughout the Chiropractic professions. The program is directed at providing relief and aid to the citizens of India, who are not exposed to modern and accurate medical attention. In November/December of this year, 11 Chiropractic fourth year students will be travelling to India to assist with relief and provide aid and medical treatment. We are all paying our own flights and accomodation out of our own pockets.

    100% of all donations received will be spent on providing sustainable health to the communities and ensuring that the students are equipped to treat.

    We will be traveling to the slums of Siliguri and treating the Untouchables. If you didn't know, the name 'Untouchables' is given to people tainted by their birth into a caste system that deems them impure, less than human. Please read this article by National Geographic to further understand their plight. 

    We are also using the money to sponsor children and families so that they can receive an education instead of working as a 'rock breaker' to support their families.

    This is what a 'rock breaker' does 6 days a week, all day. They sit in the burning sun and literally break rocks so that the smaller pieces can be used in roads etc. They start working from 3 years old. The little girl in the picture is named Rina. She is 5 years old and has been working for a year. Picture and info taken from this article.

    If any companies would like to donate cash, products or vouchers for us to raffle off at our various events throughout the year, please drop me an email at kimberleylye@gmail.com. It is a great way to advertise your company as we will be featuring your logo on the prizes and powerpoint presentations!

    If any readers would like to donate a small sum of money- you can do so into our Hands On India bank account: 

    Hands On India
    BSB: 806-036 
    Account number: 03624863

    Any small donation counts! We'd be happy with $5! If you do so, could you please enter 'KimKine' into the description so we know where the money is coming from.  

    At the moment we are trying really hard to come up with sponsors for prizes at our events coming up which include a quiz night, raffles and our charity ball. It's been difficult but really fruitful so far. At the moment I am trying to study, work and save so that I can pay my flights and accommodation for this trip. 

    Please help us help them.


    Thursday, 10 July 2014

    Love Shoppingholics G&G BT03 Brown Circle Lens Review

    I was lucky enough to be sent some lenses- the G&G brown BT03 from Loveshoppingholics to review! Overall the customer service was very good- all my emails received a reply within 2 days and I was sent a tracking number for my parcel. The big negative was that the shipping took 4-5 weeks which is very long to wait! 

    Lens Information:
    Origin: Korea
     Diameter : 14.0mm
     Water Content : 38%
     Base Curve : 8.6mm
     Life Span : 1 year disposal

    I was worried that these lenses would be uncomfortable because the water content is low, but thankfully this turned out to be untrue! This is my first in-depth circle lens review so just to remind everyone of safety and hygiene issues, please read the Loveshoppingholics circle lens care guide

    My lenses came beautifully wrapped in a gauze bag complete with a handwritten Thank You card. I really appreciate personal touches like this and it makes me smile. Thank You Loveshoppingholics for the effort you put into my package!

    Super sweet of them! I also received a free cute lens case- I believe these are supposed to be blowfish.

    The lenses are by G&G which, judging by reviews, are known to be comfortable lenses. In case you're wondering, my eyesight is moderately bad. I'm a -2.25 on the left and -3.25 on the right.

    One thing I noticed was that the vials were rather difficult to open and I ripped a thumb nail from trying to open it! I suggest to use a tweezer or other tool to open these.

    The lenses are 14mm, thus has only a slight enlarging effect on the eyes which makes them more suitable for daily use. In the case they appear to have a thick limbal ring, which I usually do not like in circle lenses because it makes my eyes look too unnatural. However, the appearance of the limbal ring reduces dramatically when worn and ends up looking quite natural. 

    The lenses are of average thickness for a circle lens and I had some discomfort when I inserted them for the first time. I took them out, rinsed and rubbed them and then they were fine. After that, I have had no problems with putting them in or taking them out. 

    In sunlight.
    Using Younique's 3D Fiber Mascara in these macro shots.

    Close up, these lenses are beautiful. They have an intricate iris pattern which is mostly medium brown with flashes of green and hazel. I have naturally dark brown eyes and these lenses are opaque enough to cover my natural iris fully. The lenses are well made and the colours blend together seamlessly creating a natural eye look with slight enlargement from the thin limbal ring. The colour combination reminds me of a cat or a reptile!

    They are very comfortable and I can wear them for 6 hours without irritation or eyedrops. When I blink I can occasionally feel my eyelid 'catching' slightly on the lens, but this does not pull the lens out of alignment, rather just alerts me to the fact that I am wearing circle lenses. 

    The one qualm I have is that the lenses make me look slightly bug eyed in photos. It looks as if I am opening my eyes really wide when I am actually relaxed and looking 'normally'. It's strange because in the mirror, I don't look bug eyed at all! 

    Ultimately, the comfort level of these lenses is superb, which is the most important aspect of a lens in my opinion. I think the design itself is beautiful, although I do think it would look nicer on someone with paler skin and lighter hair. These lenses are definitely suitable for every day use because they look quite natural, more so indoors. 

    You can buy these lenses for here for $19.90 USD, which is a very good price! Loveshoppingholics offers a free lens case with every purchase!

    Overall, I like them and would rate them 8/10.